Mar 11, 2022



Mar 11, 2022

Changelog Mar 11, 2022

Colin Sidoti

Colin Sidoti

Try our new and improved Remix integration! Plus, we refactored our authentication settings, and moved JWT templates into general availability.

Remix Relaunch

Today we relaunched our @clerk/remix package. This includes two key improvements since the initial launch:

  1. Applications can now require authentication on a route-by-route basis, instead of requiring authentication for the entire application
  2. In development, environment variables can now be set more easily in the Remix-native .env file.

Our documentation has been updated to reflect the improvements. Thank you to our early beta testers who helped test and ideate!

Thanks to the contributors
Nikos Douvlis
Nikos Douvlis

Authentication settings refactor

We rolled out a multi-month refactor of our authentication settings to support a new wave of features. It will enable:

  • Custom fields
  • Profile data collection with web3 auth
  • Guaranteed email collection for Twitter OAuth
  • A universal auth endpoint (sign up OR sign in)

In the past, our "sign up" simply ensured the user will be able to sign in again. Now, we will be able to add app-specific requirements to sign up, so if your application needs an email address and it turns out a Twitter user is missing theirs, we'll be able to collect it during sign up.

These features aren't available yet, but this infrastructure change will enable us to add them much more quickly.

Thanks to the contributors
Giannis Katsanos, Nikos Petridis, Alex Ntousias, and Sokratis Vidros
Giannis Katsanos
Nikos Petridis
Alex Ntousias
Sokratis Vidros

JWT Templates Launch (GA)

After a few months of testing, we pulled the "beta" label off our JWT templates feature and released to general availability.

We've now generated millions of JWTs and are confident our infrastructure is secure, fast, and robust.

You are free to design custom JWTs for your own application, or leverage our prebuilt templates for common integrations.

Thanks to the contributors
Mark Pitsilos, Agis Anastasopoulos, and Haris Chaniotakis
Mark Pitsilos
Agis Anastasopoulos
Haris Chaniotakis
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