Aug 04, 2023



Aug 04, 2023

Changelog August 4, 2023

Nick Parsons

Nick Parsons

This week we shipped Disposable Email Blocking, Mitigation for Unvalidated Redirect Vulnerabilities, a new JWT template for WunderGraph, and more!

⛔️ Prevent Fake Accounts with Disposable Email Blocking

Prevent Fake Accounts with Clerk's Disposable Email Blocking

Clerk now offers the ability to block disposable and temporary emails during sign-up. When this setting is enabled, emails entered during sign-up will be checked in real-time against a frequently updated database of over 160,000 known disposable email providers. If a match is found, the sign-up is blocked to prevent abuse from invalid accounts.

The setting can be enabled on the Settings page of the Clerk Dashboard

✨ Other Fixes & Improvements

  • Enabled the allowedRedirectOrigins prop in Clerk Hosted Pages to mitigate unvalidated redirect vulnerabilities in production instances. With this setting, only same-origin redirects will be allowed from Hosted Pages.
  • Fixed bugs in username sorting logic for the Users and Members tables in the Clerk Dashboard.
  • Added a user.hasImage boolean to Clerk's Frontend API and ClerkJS package. This field indicates whether the user has a profile image and, if they do, whether their profile image was uploaded by the user or was sourced from their connected social provider.
    • This field can, for example, be used to ensure users have a profile image by allowing you to leverage it to build logic and a UI to display a profile image uploader if the user has signed up without a social provider and has not yet added a profile image.
  • Added a new JWT template for WunderGraph in the Integrations section of the Clerk Dashboard.

📅 Events

Clerk at React Rally

We're excited to announce that Clerk is sponsoring React Rally in Salt Lake City on August 17th and 18th. If you're planning on attending, let us know – we'd love to meet you! We'll have cookies, swag, and a surprise or two. And if you're not sure, there's still time 😉

📚 Resources

🙌 Community Shoutouts

Stay tuned for future updates. If you have feedback or suggestions, leave us feedback on the docs via Docsly, tweet us at @ClerkDev, or join the Clerk Community on Discord.

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