Sep 29, 2023



Sep 29, 2023

Changelog September 29, 2023

Nick Parsons

Nick Parsons

This week, we released prefill support for the <SignUp /> and <SignIn /> components, improved SAML account linking, and shipped an update for Remix v2.

🔑 Prefill Sign Up & Sign In Components

Prefill support for sign in and sign up components

You are now able to prefill email address, username, and phone numbers in the <SignUp /> and <SignIn /> components, either by passing an initialValues prop or by using query strings. Check out the docs to learn more!

🔗 Improved SAML Account Linking

Users who exist in your account before you enable SAML can now authenticate with your IdP and link an enterprise connection to their account.

🧩 Stable Remix v2 Support

The newly released @clerk/remix package introduces stable support for Remix v2, without the need for the V2_ prefixes of “future-flags”. Since this is a breaking change, a major bump was needed (v3) – to get the latest version, use npm i @clerk/remix@latest.

✨ Other Fixes & Improvements

  • Updated Email Blocking so that blocking an email address will also block all its subaddresses
  • Added support in the Clerk Expo Starter for the file-system-based router that was introduced with Expo Router v2

📚 Resources

🙌 Community Shoutouts

  • Congrats to PartyKit on their recent raise, and for updating the OAuth flow for their CLI, bringing Clerk to the party 🎉
  • Shoutout to Andres Laguilavo for creating My Certifications-Gallery, an open source platform for storing and displaying the certifications you receive, which uses Clerk for auth. Thank you for helping people organize and increase the visibility of their certificates!
  • Big thank you to Legal Hat, a new project that is using AI to demystify renters’ rights in NYC, for preventing many headaches, and for leveraging Clerk.

Stay tuned for future updates. If you have feedback or suggestions tweet us at @ClerkDev, or join the Clerk Community on Discord.

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