Clerk joins the Netlify Jamstack Innovation Fund


Clerk powers authentication for over 5,000 Jamstack teams – now we're working with Netlify to further our commitment to the ecosystem

Clerk provides serverless, edge-compatible authentication to over 5,000 Jamstack teams. Today, we're thrilled to join the Netlify Jamstack Innovation Fund to further our commitment to the ecosystem.

Netlify has been an inspiration for Clerk since their co-founder, Matt Biilman, spoke about Jamstack in 2016. The idea felt like it would change the way we build software, and indeed it has.

Clerk leverages Jamstack to set a new standard for developer tools. Instead of only providing a backend SDK, we also offer a frontend SDK with React components and hooks to empower frontend developers.

For example, our <SignUp/> component embeds a complete, conversion-optimized sign-up flow in our customer's application:

And for complete customization, frontend developers can instead leverage our useSignUp() hook to build a UI of their own.

Both <SignUp/> and useSignUp() are implemented entirely on the frontend, while Clerk's API is responsible for the backend of user and session management. This enables teams to build fully-featured authentication in minutes instead of days or weeks.

We're proud to be recognized as one of the 10 most promising Jamstack startups, and excited for the future as we begin working closely with the Netlify team. Stay tuned!

Colin Sidoti