Updated Pricing: 10,000 MAUs Free, and a new “Pro Plan”


Introducing NEW pricing for Clerk – a Pro Plan with additional features, Pro Add-Ons to fit your application's use case, and 10,000 MAUs free on all plans

We’re thrilled to introduce a simplified pricing structure that’s not only easier to understand, but also significantly cheaper for most applications currently using Clerk. Every application gets 10,000 free monthly active users (MAUs)!

Brand new users will also now receive their “First Day Free,” which means their activity is not counted until 24 hours after signing up. This ensures you are not charged for users who sign up, but churn within their first day and do not return.

Since Clerk’s inception, our primary goal has been to lower the barrier to building production-grade applications. Every application deserves secure and seamless user management that takes minutes to setup, not days — freeing you to focus on what’s important: your application.


Existing customers will be grandfathered into their current plans, however, it may be cheaper to switch, so please evaluate accordingly and reach out to us if you have any questions.

Our new simplified pricing structure consists of “Free”, “Pro” and “Enterprise” plans. Where each plan includes your first 10,000 MAUs free and you will never pay for an inactive user. Additional features can be added to the Pro plan via “Pro add-ons” tailor made for specific use cases.

Free Plan – Up to 10,000 MAUs

Our free plan remains generous, with no features removed. You still get beautifully designed, performant, and customizable sign-in pages on the domain of your choosing. However, we’ve now doubled the included number of MAUs! Get started, and iterate longer — completely for free!

Visit the pricing page to see all features in the Free plan

Going Pro – A complete feature set for most use cases

The new Pro plan includes the first 10,000 MAUs, and starts at $25/mo. Additional MAUs are only $0.02 each. This is a dramatic simplification, and includes 10X more MAUs compared to the previous Hobby plan. The Pro plan also now includes the ability to set a “Custom Session Duration,” which has been a key sticking point in the past.

Additional Pro plan features include:

  • Removing Clerk Branding
  • Custom Session Duration (previously in the Business plan)
  • Password Complexity Requirements
  • User Ban/Unban
  • Allowlist/Blocklist
  • Multiple Domains
  • SMS Authentication
  • SOC2 Report on Request

Visit the pricing page to see all features in the Pro plan

Pro Add-Ons – Customize to fit your needs

While the Pro plan is designed for the majority of applications, add-ons are tailored to specific business needs and are priced according to their added value. Today we’re launching with 3 Pro add-ons that will become more feature-rich over time:

  • Enhanced Authentication — includes MFA
  • Enhanced Organizations — includes domain restrictions, and custom roles and permissions (Stay tuned for this new feature 😉)
  • Enhanced Administration — includes user impersonation

Visit the pricing page to see all features in each Pro add-on

The Future

We know pricing changes lead to uncertainty and we’re committed to minimizing them. Our end-goal here is to continue to drop the price of authentication as we add value in adjacent areas. Building applications should be getting easier and cheaper over time, and this pricing change is just one step in the right direction. Clerk will always be committed to the developer community, and hopefully this pricing overhaul reflects that.

We’re here if you have any questions — Happy building!

Braden Sidoti