Seamless Integration: How Clerk Streamlined OpusFlow's User Authentication


Learn how Clerk's user-friendly authentication system streamlined OpusFlow's SaaS integration, enhancing productivity and performance.

_"We were blown away by the user-friendly authentication system that provides, allowing our SaaS to easily integrate with multiple teams of different skill levels. Not only did it offer MFA capabilities and organizations for a more efficient team, but its seamless integration into our tech stack resulted in an unbelievably productive experience! As CTO of OpusFlow, I'm extremely pleased with the 'just work' concept delivered via Clerk."

Joey Teunissen, CTO OpusFlow_

About OpusFlow

OpusFlow is the perfect ERP system for businesses dealing with installations, like solar panel systems, heat pumps and charging stations. OpusFlow's mission is to streamline efficiency within installation companies through automation of time-consuming processes. With this one-stop solution at your fingertips, you can rest assured that tedious manual tasks are no longer taking up precious hours in your day!

Tech Stack

We have crafted an innovative tech stack to ensure the smooth operation of our platform. On the frontend, Next.js is utilized while PostgreSQL and Node.js run on a serverless system with Typescript and GraphQL compatibility. Hosting solutions are provided by Netlify in combination with AWS services for maximum performance and scalability.

Frontend: Next.js
Backend: Node.js, Typescript, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, Serverless
Hosting: Netlify, AWS

Before Clerk

After many attempts at various authentication methods for our projects – from custom-made to Auth0 and others – OpusFlow soon realized the complexity that is often associated with these approaches. To simplify this process, we conducted extensive research until, a developer-friendly authentication platform, was discovered. After conducting a Proof of Concept test to ascertain its performance and reliability, Clerk became our obvious choice for internal projects. We quickly made the switch! Following the successful use of these projects, we decided to take it one step further and implemented Clerk into our largest enterprise SaaS ERP system yet.

After Clerk

After using Clerk for an extended period, with numerous groups that consisted of anywhere from four to ten developers at a time, we are thrilled about the possibilities in store. It is already sufficient enough for our needs as it stands now and its support system provided by is remarkable – it's far more than mere assistance. The shared eagerness between both parties to continue progressing their platform further has been amazing!

James Perkins