Changelog Nov 12, 2021


Magic links have launched! Plus Twitter social sign-in, a new guide on passwordless authentication, and a new starter with Fastify, React, and Prisma

And they're the new default. Users signing up will now verify their email address by magic link instead of one-time passwords. Users will also receive magic links during sign if your application uses passwordless authentication, or if they forget their password if your application uses password-based authentication.

The decision to change the default was made after a few weeks testing magic links for our own dashboard. We learned that on average, users are able to sign in faster with magic links. This was the expected outcome since there is no longer keyed entry of the one-time password.

Learn more about magic links on our new product page!

Twitter social sign-in

This week we launched social sign-in with Twitter! Believe it or not, Twitter still uses OAuth 1.0a instead of OAuth 2.0, which caused some extra work on our end. For you though, it's just switch-flick of the User Management settings in your dashboard.

A complete guide to passwordless authentication

Today we launched a guide to passwordless authentication. Passwords have become a point of much debate among developers, particularly because they're often forgotten and they can be susceptible to credential-stuffing attacks. Our new guide breaks down the details and explores the tradeoffs of passwordless authentication.

Full-stack starter with Fastify, React, and Prisma

We released a new starter with Fastify, React, and Prisma – check it out on Github.