Changelog Nov 26, 2021


Rolling sessions, beta for our new dashboard, and a simple CNAME change for new production applications

Happy American Thanksgiving! While our US team was off the later half of this week, our global team continued to push out some excellent improvements to Clerk.

Rolling sessions

We now have two session lifetime settings: Inactivity timeout and Maximum lifetime. You can configure your application to use either one, or both.

Inactivity timeout sets how long a user can be inactive before they are logged out, which enables you to set a "rolling" lifetime as long as the user remains active.

Maximum lifetime sets how long a session can last, regardless of activity.

New dashboard beta

We've launched the beta of our new dashboard at

During the redesign we put a strong emphasis on organization. Some developers were having a hard time finding the appropriate settings pages in our original dashboard, and we've worked to address those challenges in this update.

Also, our new architecture allows for more rapid development going forward, enabling us to bring new features even faster.

We're still updating screenshots in our documentation to reflect the new dashboard, but we expect to transition completely in the coming weeks.

Rename Return-Path CNAME

To deploy Clerk in production, you must set a few CNAMEs in your DNS that allow us to deliver emails with both SPF and DKIM verification. One of those CNAMEs is for the Return-Path header in the emails.

Previously, the default CNAME was for, which understandably hit a few collisions. Going forward, the default CNAME is This is not a user-facing change, it just makes Clerk less likely to conflict with other services you might be using.

Existing production applications still work with, but please contact support if you'd like to migrate to a different subdomain.