Changelog Dec 3, 2021


Clerk supports Expo, React Native, Invitations, new Allowlist options, and much more. Authentication for the modern Web, now natively supporting mobile.

Hopefully everyone is well-rested after all the turkey, traveling, and family this past week/end! We took a few days to recover, but we're still going strong with our mission to build the best authentication platform out there.

React Native, including Expo support

Building a mobile app? Consider Expo and React Native. Clerk + Expo is officially the easiest way to build authentication across modern Web stacks, and now Mobile apps.

Mobile applications are a big part of the world now a days, and 2022 will see even more support for Swift, Kotlin, etc.

Invitations, plus Allowlist upgrades

Big feature realease! You can now easily invite users to your application. Although seemingly small, this feature unlocks a lot of new capabilities, and is the start of our B2B feature set ;)

As part of this release, we've also made some improvements to Clerk's allowlist. You can now include regex in the list, to make it easy to onboard entire domains.

Community Highlight

Shoutout to Scott and his great application, for putting this blog post together about his experience migrating Phone To Roam to Clerk, we couldn't have said it better ourselves...

And this choice quotes that stood out: "Got it thanks! Was able successfully get signup and login working, much easier than auth0 :)"

Dashboard improvements... but still in beta

A lot of folks have had a chance to play with our new dashboard, and they've helpfully uncovered some bugs and minor issues. However, we also received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback on the design and clarity! Poised to go GA sometime next week.

until next time space cowboy...