Changelog Dec 17, 2021


Happy holidays, we're launching customizable email and SMS templates!

As we begin the holiday season, we're happy to be releasing some of our biggest projects of the quarter. Today's launch is in response to dozens of customer requests for greater customization capabilities.

Customizable email and SMS templates

You can now customize the email and SMS communications sent as part of sign-up and sign-in. Try it from the Customization tab of your dashboard today!

This feature allows you to ensure that the styling and tone of communications is perfectly in-line with your brand. Plus, the email editor can be used in both HTML and WYSIWYG modes, to provide a seamless editing experience regardless of your preference.

Customization capabilities remain a core focus at Clerk and many more are on the roadmap. We're eager to continue making improvements throughout 2022. Have a request? Drop us a line.