Changelog Jan 7, 2022


Beta for our Supabase integration (our most requested integration of Q4!), more about our security practices, and a new community contribution

Happy 2022! We have an incredible year planned and can't wait to share the updates, right here in our changelog, every Friday.

Supabase integration

We're starting this year off with a bang. Over the holidays, our cofounder Braden put together the first version of our Supabase integration.

We're excited about this integration for several reasons:

  1. Supabase was our most requested integration in the fourth quarter of 2021, and we're excited to finally unlock the capability.
  2. We love the integration pathway that Supabase provides, and it's generated plans for the weeks ahead that will make this integration even better.
  3. Empowering frontend developers is a core part of our thesis at Clerk. Just like Clerk empowers frontend developers with authentication capabilities, Supabase empowers frontend developers with database capabilities. It's a huge productivity increase for engineering teams, which no longer need to waste engineering cycles building CRUD endpoints for frontend developers to consume - now frontend developers can safely query the database directly.

Try out our beta Supabase integration today.

New Security informational page

As an authentication company, security must be our topmost priority - it's the only priority we place higher than developer experience. Security has been in our DNA from day one, with our founding engineers having significant web security expertise.

Admittedly, we haven't shared enough about our security efforts externally. For example, did you know we conduct regular, third-party security audits?

This week, we launched a new informational page that shares more about our security practices at Clerk.

Community spotlight: Firebase + Clerk recipe app by James Perkins

James Perkins launched a new video and written tutorial this week showing how to use Clerk and Firebase to create a recipe app.

You might recognize James from our own website - we are big fans of his teaching style and have contracted with him to produce our own demos. It was a pleasant surprise to see this on his own channel this week, and we recommend you check it out!