Changelog Jan 14, 2022


Chore week! Email deliverability, NPM sourcemaps, and a new product page on one-time passcodes.

Happy Friday everyone! This week we had a chance to complete some much-needed chores out of our backlog.

Improved email deliverability

About 2 weeks ago, we saw an increase in email deliverability challenges for both verification codes and magic links, especially for development instances.

We identified the problem and implemented a fix, as well as improved our processes to identify and resolve future issues faster. Going forward, all emails will also be sent using an IP pool instead of an individual IP address to assist in our deliverability optimization.

Further, we can now accommodate customer's who would prefer their emails be sent from a dedicated IP address pool instead of our shared pool. If you're interested in using a dedicated pool, please contact support.

Sourcemaps now included in NPM libraries - open source on the way!

We've charted a course toward open-sourcing our NPM libraries and this week we've taken the next big step: including sourcemaps in our NPM libraries. You can browse @clerk/clerk-react on unpkg to take a quick look.

Soon, all of our Javascript libraries will be consolidated in a public monorepo where we can discuss, track issues, and accept PRs. We can't wait!

One-time passcodes product page

Although they have been documented and available since we launched, our product page for email and SMS one-time passcodes (OTPs) has been missing. It finally landed this week, and we're thrilled to finally have product pages for every authentication factor we currently provide!

The most exciting part of this launch is that the page was completed by our new team dedicated to working on documentation and product pages. We're excited for the increased investment in these areas going forward, as it will certainly lead to Clerk becoming easier to learn about and use.