Changelog Jan 28, 2022


SSR for Next.js, improved Hasura integration, custom JWT signing keys + a community-built Web3 guide

Like many other weeks at Clerk, our work this week was focused on the enabling the modern web. We're thrilled to be part of this ecosystem that is improving both developer productivity and application speeds.

SSR support for Next.js

Our biggest launch was server-side rendering support for Next.js, which has been our top request for the past several months, and really amplified in the past few weeks.

You can try out SSR for Next.js today: check out our documentation.

While Next.js gets the headline, the bulk of our work was in creating generic building-blocks that can be adapted to any server-rendered framework, and both Node and V8 isolate runtimes (like Cloudflare workers and Vercel middleware). We plan to add Remix support next.

Improved Hasura integration

This week we completely revamped our Hasura integration to use our new JWT Templates feature. When we launched Hasura 6 months ago, we had no idea it would become one of our most popular integrations, and have been pleasantly surprised at the response.

While most developers found our standard JWT claims to be sufficient, a few have requested a way to customize the claims. This week, we made that possible.

Check our brand new guide to integrating Hasura and Clerk.

Custom JWT signing keys

This week we also added the ability to set a custom private key for signing JWTs. Check out the JWT Templates tab in your dashboard to see it an action!

Community spotlight: Avneesh Agarwal

We first met Avneesh when we ran a hackathon with Hashnode last summer. Since then, we've followed him on Twitter and enjoy his regular postings of guides and developer tips.

Last week, we were absolutely thrilled when he posted a great guide for Clerk's new Web3 authentication support. Thank you, Avneesh!