Changelog Feb 18, 2022


We launched our Remix SDK, a new Fauna integration, instant development instances, and quick links for customization!

@clerk/remix SDK launch

We're incredibly excited to announce that our @clerk/remix package is now in public beta!

We've published an example repository on Github and improved documentation will be available in the next week.

Remix was a challenging integration because it is both React-first and SSR-first, a combination we hadn't explored before. Ultimately, we implemented our SDK so it works "the Remix way" instead of being influenced by our previous SDKs for client-side React or static-generated Next.js.

This SDK is still in beta and we're very interested in your feedback. If you have comments, questions, concerns, ideas, or feedback, please reach out to support!

Thanks to the contributors: Nikos Douvlis, Peter Perlepes, Sokratis Vidros, Colin Sidoti

Fauna integration

Just two weeks ago, we received feedback to add a Fauna integration to Clerk.

Our new developer champion, Ian, started work on it right away and today it's ready!

This is now our fourth integration with a frontend-accessible database, adding to the set of Hasura, Supabase, and Firebase.

Would you like to see another integration added? We work particularly well with services that vendors JWT authentication, but we're happy explore any customer request. Please reach out to support.

Thanks to the contributors: Ian McPhail

Instant development instances

When you create a new application in Clerk, the confetti falls and you can now immediately access your newly created sign up form. In the past, it took 1-2 minutes for this to load.

Thanks to the contributors: Marcel Cruz, Sokratis Vidros

In development, our hosted components now included quick links for customization.

Thanks to the contributors: Marcel Cruz