Changelog Feb 25, 2022


A new Redwood guide and Remix SDK. Plus, our Organization management features are coming very soon!

Redwood guide

We've had a chance to connect more closely with the Redwood team and our integration experience is rapidly improving.

After launching a tutorial two weeks ago, we heard a lot of feedback that we were missing our standard integration docs. Those docs are now live.

Thanks to the contributors: Ian McPhail

Remix new SDK and guide

Our beta for Remix continues! After receiving a few bug reports and great ideas for improvements, we launched a new version of the SDK today.

We also put together a new Getting Started guide so developers no longer need to reverse-engineer our demo repository.

Thanks to the contributors: Nikos Douvlis, Colin Sidoti

The Organization object is coming soon!

At Clerk, we've always wanted to help developers with Customer Management, not just User Management. Depending on your business, you might sell to Users (B2C) or Organizations (B2B).

Starting late next week, we'll begin rolling out support for a Clerk-managed Organization object. The launch will start with frontend APIs first, including:

  • An API to create an organization
  • An API to invite other users to the organization
  • An API to set users roles within the organization

The organization(s) that a user is part of will become part of their short-lived session JWT, so Clerk will start assisting with "authorization" in addition to "authentication."

This is just the beginning of Organization management at Clerk. Ultimately, we expect about half of our team to be focused solely on Organization management this year - including to build common requests like component UIs, SAML authentication, and subscription management. Stay tuned :)

If you would like to be included in the beta, please contact support

Thanks to the contributors: Alex Ntousias, Giannis Katsanos, Peter Perlepes, Nikos Petridis, Shawn Winters, Rishi Raman, Braden Sidoti, Colin Sidoti