Changelog Mar 18, 2022


Server-side JWTs for Supabase and custom integrations, Firebase Authentication password migrations, toggleable hosted components, and a community spotlight!

Server-side JWTs for Supabase and custom integrations

Since we launched SSR, a frequent request has been to add support for retrieving Supabase tokens during SSR. Today, we launched the capability for Supabase and more!

Support for every JWT template has been added to our server-side Javascript packages for Next.js, Remix, and Express. Simply call getToken({template: "supabase"}) on the new server-side auth context.

Documentation has been added to our SSR beta documentation. You will need to upgrade to the latest version.

Thanks to the contributors: Nikos Douvlis, Peter Perlepes, Haris Chaniotakis, Agis Anastasopoulos

Firebase Authentication user and password migrations

Developers who currently use Firebase Authentication can now migrate users and their passwords to Clerk!

Our backend Create User endpoint has added support for Firebase's special flavor of scrypt so users can easily be migrated to Clerk.

Thanks to the contributors: Alex Ntousias

Toggleable hosted components

Any developer who wants to disable Clerk-hosted components on the accounts subdomain can now do so by contacting support. This option will be made available in our dashboard soon.

Thanks to the contributors: Sokratis Vidros

Community spotlight: Slapdash plugin

Many thanks to Anish De, who created a Slapdash commands plugin that brings Clerk's documentation right to your fingertips.

Thank you, Anish!