Changelog Apr 1, 2022


Instant Component previews, in-house docs, email deliverability improvements, plus Supabase Launch Week!

Instant Component previews

Sign-up, sign-in, and user profile components can now be previewed instantly after an application is created in Clerk - no code required! Just click the preview buttons on thie sidebar.

Thanks to the contributors: Marcel Cruz

In-house docs

Piece-by-piece, we're moving our documentation in-house! Our previous vendor was great for written documentation, but we constantly found ourselves wanting to add dynamic and interactive elements to our documentation.

With our new solution, built on Sanity and Next.js, we can more easily develop custom elements in our documentation. Stay tuned as our onboarding gets even easier in the months ahead.

The new documentation is available on

Thanks to the contributors: Charles Wefso, Ian McPhail

Email deliverability improvements

We noticed a small subset of customers we're having a few email deliverability issues. In particular, the customers who launched a brand new application on Clerk and have never sent emails from their domain before. These developers had zero "domain reputation" and gmail was delaying the delivery of magic links and sms codes.

This week, we made three small adjustments that seem to have resolved the issue:

  1. Improved the formatting of the plaintext "part" of our emails
  2. Removed unnecessary query string variables and & with just &
  3. Removed the application name from the email subject

We will continue to monitor deliverability and make adjustments as needed.

Thanks to the contributors: Agis Anastasopoulos, Haris Chaniotakis

Community spotlight: Supabase Launch Week!

Congratulations to Supabase on their tremendous launch week!

Supabase is an incredible product and we share many customers through our Supabase integration.

We're proud to have launched our integration in their new Partner Gallery this week, but also just really excited to try their new functions.