Changelog Apr 15, 2022


This week we launched alpha support for authenticating Gatsby SSR, webhooks and metadata for Clerk-managed organizations, and improved observability.

It's been a very wide-ranging week at Clerk, as we've added and improved features across many different parts of the product.

Gatsby SSR Alpha

Hot off the press! Today we launched an alpha version of SSR support for Gatsby. It's been a real treat putting this together so quickly after receiving the request through Github just last week.

The new version is tagged 3.0.0-alpha.2, and available as gatsby-plugin-clerk on npm.

The usage is not documented yet, but it's really simple. Just use our withServerAuth wrapper, and pull the authentication context from props:

import { withServerAuth } from 'gatsby-plugin-clerk/ssr'

export const getServerData = withServerAuth(async (props) => {
  const { userId, sessionId, getToken } = props.auth
  return { props: { message: '' } }

Note: this release does not support authentication in Gatsby Functions yet. Support will be added for version 3 reaches general availability.

Thanks to the contributors: Nikos Douvlis, Peter Perlepes

Organization improvements

The reception of our new Organization object has been incredible - with a few developers already using the functionality in production.

This week we launched two new features associated with organizations:


The Svix webhook integration in Clerk's dashboard now has events for:

  • organization.created
  • organization.updated
  • organizationInvitation.created
  • organizationInvitation.revoked
  • organizationMembership.deleted
  • organizationMembership.updated


Developers can now attach public and private metadata to the Organization object, just like they can for the User object.

Thanks to the contributors: Giannis Katsanos, Alex Ntousias, Nikos Petridis

Improved observability

Observability has become a focal point for our SDKs. We're working to improve our errors so they guide developers to the right solution.

This week we added observability of the "authentication result" to two more contexts:

  1. Next.js edge middleware
  2. Remix loaders and actions

More to come soon!

Thanks to the contributors: Nikos Douvlis, Peter Perlepes