Changelog Apr 29, 2022


React 18 support, Remix & Fauna tutorial, email deliverability updates, organization deletion, and a community spotlight on Cypress testing!

React 18 support

This week we updated every React package we publish (including Next.js, Remix, Redwood, Expo, Gatsby) to support React 18.

They were a few compatibility issues, primarily with typescript and strictmode. Please contact us in Discord if issues persist.

Thanks to the contributors: Nikos Douvlis, Peter Perlepes

Remix & Fauna tutorial

Ian, our Head of Developer Advocacy, published a new end-to-end tutorial this week for Remix, Fauna, and Clerk. Follow along to learn how to build a Movie Emoji Quiz!

Our tutorials are a great way to get started with new technologies. We take a lot of care in building step-by-step guides, and explaining the high level concepts as we introduce them.

Thanks to the contributors: Ian McPhail

Email deliverability updates

We had a few reports of Outlook deliverability issues this week that we've been working to resolve.

The "From" email address for magic links and verification emails is now configurable by an API request. Soon, it will also be added to the dashboard.

We've also been working with Outlook-specific deliverability specialists to improve our inbox rate.

Deliverability is a persistent challenge as different postmasters have fluctuating requirements. If you're having deliverability issues, please contact support.

Thanks to the contributors: Agis Anastasopoulos

Organization deletion

Our Organization Management beta is well underway! About 15% of our new customers are now enrolling and we continue to receive great feedback.

This week we added deletion endpoints to our frontend API so users can delete their own organizations. Just call .destroy() on an Organization resource.

Thanks to the contributors: Alex Ntousias, Nikos Douvlis

Community Spotlight: E2E Clerk tests in Cypress

Lynn Romich published a great blog about his experience building E2E Clerk tests with Cypress. Thank you, Lynn!