Changelog May 13, 2022


Continued organization management improvements, update domain in production, and a community spotlight on the Chop Suey Remix stack

Organization management API updates

The work on our organization management API continues! We now have over 30 companies participating in the beta and we tremendously appreciate the ongoing feedback.

Things are really starting to round out.

Backend endpoints

  • POST /v1/organizations
  • DELETE /v1/organizations/:id
  • PATCH /v1/organizations/:id
  • PATCH /v1/organizations/:id/metadata
  • PUT /v1/organizations/:id/logo
  • POST /v1/organizations/:id/memberships

Frontend endpoints

  • POST /v1/organizations
  • PATCH /v1/organizations/:id
  • DELETE /v1/organizations/:id
  • PUT /v1/organizations/:id/logo
  • POST /v1/organizations/:organization_id/invitations
  • POST /v1/organizations/:organization_id/invitations/:invitation_id/revoke
  • GET /v1/organizations/:organization_id/invitations/pending
  • POST /v1/organizations/:organization_id/memberships
  • GET /v1/organizations/:organization_id/memberships
  • PATCH /v1/organizations/:organization_id/memberships/:user_id
  • DELETE /v1/organizations/:organization_id/memberships/:user_id

The next focus is adding "current organization" support and progress is well underway.

Thanks to the contributors: Alex Ntousias, Giannis Katsanos

Update domain in production

Developers can now change the domain used in production.

Thanks to the contributors: Sokratis Vidros

Community Spotlight: Chop Suey Remix stack

Congratulations to Jake Correa, who launched a new "Remix Stack" with:

  • Clerk for authentication
  • EdgeDB for database
  • Tailwind for styles
  • for hosting

Check it out! This might be the most "edge" we've ever seen on the cutting edge.