Changelog May 20, 2022


Announcing our roadmap as a Customer Identity Platform, managing over 250,000 users. Plus, a new homepage and improved documentation.

Clerk – the Customer Identity Platform

We talk to customers every day at Clerk – it's our favorite part of the job. Recently, there has been a clear change in the feature requests we receive: instead of asking for more auth features, developers are asking for more integrations.

The first integrations we launched were with database tools like Supabase, Hasura, Fauna, and Firebase. This made sense, since like auth, choosing database tooling is one of the first decisions developers make.

Usage of our database integrations picked up right away. Today, over 20% of new Clerk instances turn on a database integration in their first two weeks of development.

The success of these integrations has also amplified requests for more. Now, the requests are for tools that are needed later in a company's lifecycle:

  • Analytics tools like Google Analytics, Segment, and Rudderstack
  • Billing tools like Stripe and Paddle
  • Marketing tools like Intercom and Hubspot

The writing is on the wall. In service of our customer requests, it's clear a robust suite of integrations will dominate our roadmap for the foreseeable future. Clerk is not just authentication anymore, we're a Customer Identity Platform: a complete Customer Identity solution that integrates and syncs with your favorite tools.

250,000 managed users

This week we celebrated crossing 250,000 users managed on Clerk! Onward and upward.

New homepage

We've launched a new homepage to reflect our roadmap of integrations. For the first time, we're also featuring some of our customers.

Improved documentation

Our journey to in-house documentation continues. We've moved another big batch of pages to, where we have more control to build documentation that better serves developers.

This project will continue over the next several weeks, with updated designs and organizations coming soon.