Changelog May 27, 2022


Discover the latest updates including our public roadmap launch, resilience enhancements, and advanced bot detection upgrades.

Public Roadmap

This week we launched a public roadmap. It contains a rough estimate of when we expect to start and release new projects. Although it's not guaranteed, it's a good glimpse into how we expect the weeks, months, and quarters ahead to unfold.

Resilience upgrades

Out with the old, in with the new! We were nearing capacity for some of our infrastructure and needed to upgrade.

The upgrades successfully deployed with zero downtime!

Bot detection upgrades

Over the weekend, we detected an unusual spike in bot activity associated with SMS verifications. We worked with Twilio to determine that this attack was "toll fraud" - where attackers are able to steal money by receiving SMS messages.

We've upgraded our systems to detect and put a stop to the suspicious behavior. Though this attack did not manifest in downtime or security issues, the impacted customers were notified and will not be charged for SMS overruns.