Changelog June 3, 2022


Embeddable Magic Links, E2E Testing, The New Wave Remix Stack. Updated pricing coming soon.

While these were always possible, we've released detailed documentation on how to make them happen. Embedding magic links into welcome emails, customer promotions, and many other use cases can increase user engagement dramatically.

E2E Testing with Clerk

We've made it easier to create end to end tests with Clerk, specifically for Email and SMS OTPs. Use reserved email addresses and phone numbers to bypass sending emails/SMSs, using a static verification value

The New Wave Remix Stack

On the heels of the Remix Conf, we've created the New Wave Remix Stack! Remix Stacks are a great way to jump start your application process. The New Wave Stack includes Clerk, Fauna, and Netlify.

Updated pricing coming soon

This upcoming week we'll be updating our pricing and introducing a new "Hobby" and "Business" plan. Existing customers will be grandfathered into the current plans.

Big announcements coming soon. Stay tuned!