Changelog June 10, 2022


Side-by-side Web2 & Web3 auth, strict sign up requirements, brand new documentation, use-stripe-subscription, inaugural weekly office hours

Side-by-side Web2 & Web3 auth

Until this week, our support for Web3 has been all-or-nothing. You couldn't configure an application to have both Web3 authentication factors and Web2 authentication factors.

Now, developers can enable any combination of Web2 and Web3 they like, from the moment they create a new application:

This has been the top requested feature for Web3 applications since we originally launched support. Now that it's complete, it clears the way for us to begin adding additional wallet support.

Thanks to the contributors: Agis Anastasopoulos, Mark Pitsilos, Haris Chaniotakis

Strict sign-up requirements

This week we added an explicit "Required" toggle to four user management settings:

  1. Email address
  2. Phone number
  3. Username
  4. Name (First and Last)

Previously, we assumed what developers wanted as strictly required based on their other choices in the dashboard.

Critically, when users signed up with any Social Login vendor in the past, every other user attribute was considered optional. With this assumption, we found there were edge cases where this behavior wasn't necessarily desirable.

The most common edge-case comes from Social Login providers like Facebook, which do not necessarily return an email address from the oauth process. 99% of Facebook users will return an email address, but the other 1% will only return a phone number. For this 1% of cases, should Clerk prompt the user for an email address, or should we let them proceed without one?

With our new dashboard settings, we no longer need to guess!

Thanks to the contributors: Agis Anastasopoulos, Mark Pitsilos, Haris Chaniotakis

Brand new documentation

The past several weeks we've been scouring historical support requests to learn how we can better write and organize our documentation.

We launched brand new documentation to better support developers. There's a new organization to make content more discoverable, and a ton of new writing to surface things that were missing.

Thanks to the contributors: Ian McPhail, Marcel Cruz, Charles Wefso, Braden Sidoti


We launched use-stripe-subscription to make it easier for React developers to implement Stripe Billing. This open source package will serve as the foundation of our eventual Stripe integration, which is slated to launch in Q3.

We also wrote a blog post about our experience refactoring Stripe's API for frontend access.

Thanks to the contributors: Colin Sidoti, Braden Sidoti

Inaugural weekly office hours

We held our first weekly office hours this week! We had a great time on Twitch fielding questions from the audience, sharing more about roadmap, and discussing technology trends a bit more colloquially.

The exact time for office hours will likely float from week to week. The best way to learn the time is to follow our Twitter.

Thanks to the contributors: Ian McPhail, Colin Sidoti