Changelog June 17, 2022


Updated pricing, Organizations hooks, AppSync support

Updated pricing

With the upcoming release of Organizations, we'll also be updating our pricing. If you're not using organizations, and would like to be on our legacy pricing plan, you should upgrade by the end of next week. Existing applications will be grandfathered into their current pricing plan.

Review our new pricing plans here:

Thanks to the contributors: Braden Sidoti, Colin Sidoti


We've finalized our organizations feature set, with the addition of the easy-to-use React hooks useOrganization() & useOrganizationList(). Updated docs live!

The official release will come sometime next week.

Thanks to the contributors: Peter Perlepes

AWS AppSync support

You can now seamlessly authorize requests on AWS AppSync using the "openid-connect-authorization flow".

Thanks to the contributors: Sokratis Vidros

Weekly office hours

This upcoming week we will be holding our second office hours. Come join us on Thursday to chat about the future of authentication!

The exact time will likely be posted soon. The best way to learn the time is to follow our Twitter.

Thanks to the contributors: Ian McPhail, Braden Sidoti