Changelog July 1, 2022


Organizations, "verify after sign up", and big email upgrades.


We've officially launched V1 of our Organizations product! It's been stress tested by a bunch of design partners over the past couple weeks (thank you for your help!), and we're really excited to finally get open up this functionality publically.

Supporting "organization auth" comes with a number of challenges that exist both in the frontend and backend. Clerk makes all of this simple by giving you easy-to-use react hooks, and the perfect "Organization abstraction" I've you're building a B2B SaaS, an internal tool, or any sort of app with user-grouping, your life just got a whole lot easier. Our initial

  • The Organization object
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Invitation flows
  • SAML is coming soon!

(Note: Clerk's organizations functionality works great with the Open Source use-stripe-subscription package we created. It gives you the majority of the building blocks you need for a complete SaaS!)

Thanks to the contributors: Alex Ntousias, Giannis Katsanos, Peter Perlepes

Verify after sign up

This has oddly been one of our most sought-after features, and it's finally here. In most cases, you don't need to verify your users email addresses or phone numbers right at sign up. You want to get users in your app as quickly as possible, and then asynchronously verify them.

One of the best implementations of this we've seen are the masters over at Stripe:

And now, you can easily recreate this onboarding flow simply by turning it on in the dashboard!

Thanks to the contributors: Haris Chaniotakis

Email upgrades

1. Metadata in emails

You can now include user and organization metadata directly in your email templates. This gives you the ability to personal verification and invitation emails to a much higher degree.

Note: The following features didn't quite make the Friday deadline, but they will be out first thing Monday!

2. Customizable "from name"

In order to ensure deliverability, you should be sending your emails from an email address that actually exists. Because we send emails from your domain i.e., you can now also change the "from name" portion, so that it maps to an acutal email account. (i.e.

3. BYO Email/SMS provider

Additionally, if you don't want Clerk to deliver your emails at all, and you'd rather do it yourself -- you can turn off "Delivered by Clerk", and listen to the new "email.created" and "sms.created" webhooks. You will even receive the templated emails, so all you have to do is pass along the subject/body to your provider! You can also just use the raw-data and create your own custom email using this approach.

4. "High Deliverability emails" (coming soon)

It's always frustrating when an email isn't delivered properly. One part of email deliverability is "Domain reputation", and when building a new project, you usually have a new domain with negative reputation. It takes time to build up that reputation so GMail and MS Outlook (and others) don't send your verification and invitation emails to the dreaded "Promotions" tab, or even worse, to spam.

In order to alleviate this, we'll optionally allow verification and invitaiton emails to be sent from "", which has a bullet-proof reputation because it sends a lot of verification emails, and it only sends verification emails. This will make it so your verification/invitations always land in your users inbox.

Thanks to the contributors: Mark Pitsilos