Changelog July 15, 2022


Redesigned components enter beta with improved default styles and vastly more customizability! Plus, we're migrating free plans and we upgraded our WAF.

Redesigned components enter beta

Our redesigned components have entered private beta! This upgrade includes:

  1. Improved default styles - Everything feels a bit more balanced and modern and by default.
  2. Vastly more customizability - We're introducing an "appearance" prop that enables components to be customized with Tailwind, CSS Modules, or any styling solution that uses classnames.

To join the beta, please join our Discord and reach out in the #components-beta channel.

Thanks to the contributors: Nikos Douvlis

Free plan migration

Next week, we will be migrating customers from our old free plan to our new free plan that launched three weeks ago. This plan has a different set of features – more in some places, less in others – so we encourage everyone to verify the new plan still works for their business.

Impacted customers will also be notified by email.

WAF infrastructure upgrade

Behind the scenes this week, we migrated to a new "Web Application Firewall."

As Clerk has grown, attacks on our service have (unfortunately) also grown more frequent. We use a Web Application Firewall to help prevent against account takeovers by brute force attack.

All customers received this update for free and we did not detect any impact to latency, or to non-automated traffic.