Changelog September 23, 2022


Component localization, integrations with Grafbase, Convex, and Nhost, blocklist and bans

Component Localization (i18n)

Our components now accept a localization prop, which enables internationalization and customization of our default English strings.

Check out the documentation for more details.

Grafbase, Convex, Nhost integrations

We've launched three additional JWT templates for Convex, Grafbase, and Nhost. Now you can easiliy sync the authenticated user with all of these tools!

Looking for another integration? We're eager to add more, reach out to our team!


In addition to the allowlist, we now support a blocklist. Use this to stop individuals or groups of individuals from signing up.

User bans

Users that already have an account can also now be banned. This action signs out the user from any existing sessions, and prevents them from signing in again.