Changelog October 21, 2022


Add OAuth connections after Sign Up, revamped Next.js documentation, and a Product Hunt relaunch

Add OAuth connections after Sign Up

In the past, when an OAuth connection was turned on, it was required to be available as a sign-up option.

Now, developers can choose whether each OAuth provider is available during sign-up and sign-in, or if the connection should be made later.

This is especially useful for applications that prefer to connect third-parties after the fact. For example, a Github connection can be made after sign-up if an application wants to read repository data.

After sign-up, Connections can be made through our <UserProfile/> component, or with a custom flow.

Thanks to the contributors: Mark Pitsilos, Haris Chaniotakis

Revamped Next.js documentation

We're reorganizing our documentation to have Frameworks at the top-level, and Concepts at the second-level, instead of vice-versa.

We've found that different frameworks uses slightly different concepts (for example, getServerSideProps in Next.js vs loaders in Remix), and that has made it challenging to organize our documentation with Concepts at the top level.

Over the coming weeks, we'll be inverting the documentation to help developers answer their questions faster. The first to get this treatment was Next.js, which is now available here.

Thanks to the contributors: Joe Shekmer

Product Hunt relaunch

Yesterday, we relaunched on Product Hunt to share our progress over the last year. We wanted to add a special thank you in our changelog to our existing customers, who showed up with kind words in the comments and plenty of upvotes. Thank you!