Changelog November 11, 2022


New components for B2B SaaS: CreateOrganization, OrganizationProfile, OrganizationSwitcher! See the demo at Modern Frontends Live

This week, Clerk launched a new suite of components to help B2B SaaS companies manage their business customers. They are built in the same declarative style as our user-focused <SignUp/>, <SignIn/>, <UserProfile/>, and <UserButton/> components.

The new B2B SaaS components are 100% opt-in, and do not change anything about using Clerk for User management.


The <CreateOrganization/> component allow users to create an Organization within your application. It starts by asking for a name and logo, then proceeds to prompt for which other users should be invited.


After an organization is created, the <OrganizationProfile/> component allows users to manage member roles, invite new members, remove members, and maintain profile information.


The <OrganizationSwitcher/> is a corollary to the <UserButton/>. Intended to go in an application's header, it allows users with multiple organizations to select which organization is active, or to create a new organization.


The useOrganization() hook allows developers to retrieve the active organization from anywhere in the React application.

JWT updates

Tying it all together, the Auth object available in your backend is now populated with the active organization ID, and the current user's role in that organization.

To ensure security, this information is passed to your backend via the same cryptographically signed JWT that contains the current user's ID.

Demo at Modern Frontends Live

This week, I will be demoing the new B2B SaaS features at Modern Frontends Live in London. I hope to see you there!

Can't make it but still want to tune in? The talk will also be available to virtual attendees.