Changelog November 18, 2022


Next.js app updates, improvements in appearance, and localization in Org components. TRPC support

This week Clerk has been focusing on improvements to our documentation, bug fixes, and iterating on our Organization components.

Organization Components improvements

Our organization components were released just last week, and we received a lot of great feedback from our users. We fixed some bugs and made improvements to the appearance and localization props.

Next.js app directory beta updates

Clerk has been working hard on our app directory beta. One of the most significant changes this week is it is now rolled into the latest production package. We also updated our documentation to reflect this, which you can read here.

TRPC + Clerk

We introduced documentation for alternative backends, starting with TRPC. I am a massive fan of TRPC and its end-to-end type safety.

If you are thinking about checking out Clerk and love TRPC, we now have documentation on how to integrate them.

If you want to see everything in action, check out the clerk-trpc-minimal repository.

Community highlight

A special thanks to Molo Tech Lab for their amazing project JSON translator that allowed the team to translate our components into French and German. This project is open source, free, and under the MIT license.

Thanks to our customer Finary for showing us this cool project.