Changelog December 16, 2022


No more third-party cookies, pricing updates, and an educational youtube channel.

URL-based session syncing

We have been working on making development no longer require any third-party cookies. This is now out of experimental, and all instances created from now on won't' use them.

Development instances created before December 6, 2022, still communicate to the Clerk frontend API using cookies. You can follow our upgrade guide to migrate to URL-based session syncing.

Thanks to the contributors: Haris Chaniotakis, Agis Anastasopoulos, Nikos Douvlis

Pricing Changes

We updated our pricing and our free plan to serve our users better. You can now have up to 5,000 monthly active users and ten organizations for free with no credit card required.

Our hobby and business plan prices have been reduced to $25 and $99, respectively. We updated our pricing page to make it even easier to figure out what it will cost to run your SaaS.

Thanks to the contributors: Marcel Cruz, Charles Wefso

Launching A YouTube Channel

Clerk is invested in educating people on the modern web alongside authentication and user management. We have launched a dedicated YouTube to cover topics on the modern web and how to use Clerk in complex applications.

Check out the video below on using TRPC and Clerk to create a secure typesafe application. If you are interested in the modern web and Clerk make sure you subscribe.

How to stay up to date with Clerk?

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Clerk Community Discord

Clerk has a community Discord. When you join, you will find a place:

  • Find the latest Clerk news and announcements
  • Share your project with the Clerk community, and talk about your experience
  • Request features and gets help integrating Clerk from the team and community.

Clerk Twitter

Our Twitter account (@clerkdev) announces the latest features and improvements. We would also be psyched if you tagged us in projects you have built.