Changelog December 23, 2022


New backend API reference documentation, useAuth improvements and Italian language support

New Backend API reference docs

We created new backend API reference documentation that is automatically updated when we release any changes to Production based on the OpenAPI specification.

This upgrade shows successful and unsuccessful payloads and what to expect from a type. It can also run a test request in the browser, allowing you to see a request and response using your API key.

Check it out at

Thanks to the contributors: Mark Pitsilos, James Perkins

useAuth improvements

The useAuth hook now contains orgId, orgSlug, orgRole allowing you to access organization data when you need it on the client.

Italian Language Support

A massive shoutout to nitroin for opening up a pull request into our @clerk/localization package to add Italian translations to all our components.

import { itIT } from '@clerk/localizations';

const App = () => {
  return (

Bug fixes and Performance improvements

We fixed a few bugs this week that are important to highlight.

Apple OAuth User name

We now return the user name from a sign in when using Apple as the OAuth provider.

Respect JWKS cache

We fixed a bug in our Ruby SDK, which now respects the JWKS cache specified.

Performance improvements to users endpoint

We have improved the performance of the /api/users/ endpoint, you should already notice the difference!

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