Changelog Feb 24, 2023


New docs, appearance and localization for Next.js App Router, Hydration improvements for remix, Spanish and German localization.

Happy Changelog Friday, the team has been working hard on improving Clerk and bringing new features and improving our SDKs.

Introducing our new documentation

This has been a passion project of mine, I have spent the last 3 weeks creating our new documentation which launched in to a beta today for Next.js only. The docs have some features that I think are important to Clerk and to you as a developer:

  • The docs are completely open source so you can see what we used to build them. If you were wondering I ended up on Nextra because the tech is awesome.
  • Anyone can contribute we are now using MDX.
  • Feedback is so important to me and the team, so feel free to click the feedback button and give your honest feedback.
  • Better Search
  • Better organization of content

If you are ready to check them out head over to, looking forward to all your feedback!

Appearance and Localization Support for Next.js App Router

When we introduced the beta support for Next.js App Router we decided to leave out the appearance prop and localization while we worked on core stability.

You can now use our appearance prop to style our components to your brand and localize based upon your user base. Here is an example of using our prebuilt dark theme

import { ClerkProvider } from '@clerk/nextjs/app-beta'
import { dark } from '@clerk/themes'

export default function RootLayout({ children }: { children: React.ReactNode }) {
  return (
    <html lang="en">
          baseTheme: dark,

Support for Next.js 13.2.0

We released @clerk/nextjs@4.11.0 which supports 13.2.0 changes that we introduced, if you upgrade to the latest Next.js make sure you update your Clerk package as well!

Dashboard Search for Organizations

We added Dashboard search for your organizations allowing you to find and manage them quicker and easier.

Hydration Improvements for @clerk/remix

We have spent time improving our @clerk/remix package and making sure that hydration doesn't become an issue with React 18.2. Please make sure you are on the latest to see the improvement with hydration.

Community contribution: German and Spanish localization

A huge shoutout to two of our community members for taking the time to localize our components to German and Spanish.

Thanks to Phillip for the German translation and Waldo for the Spanish version.