Changelog March 3, 2023


Organizations improvements, new Ruby SDK and Next.js route handler support

Happy Changelog Friday, the team has been working hard on improving our Organizations offering and SDKs.

Organizations improvements

Create an organization

You can now create organizations right from the Clerk dashboard and assign an owner from your user pool. This was a highly requested features and we are excited to be able to launch this.

Organizations Settings has moved

We moved Organizations settings to the top level of the Clerk Dashboard to make it easier to enable and update maximum members limit

Updated Ruby SDK

The updated Ruby SDK has fixes, changes to core functionality and new features that were needed. The most important are:

  • Fix: Proper caching of JWKS responses All requests to the Backend API now use application/json payloads. This also fixes particular calls to endpoints like the user.update request when passing in backup codes

  • Added: The API key can now be set using the CLERK_SECRET_KEY environment variable [#28]

You can check out the release by update your Ruby SDK to Version: 2.9.0

Next.js 13.2 route handler support

In the 13.2 release of Next.js they introduced route handlers, and Clerk can now support them using our helpers currentUser and auth. Below is an example of a route handler.

import { currentUser } from '@clerk/nextjs/app-beta'

export async function GET() {
  const user = await currentUser()
  if (!user) {
    return new Response('Hello, world!')

  return new Response(`Hello, ${user.firstName}!`)