Changelog March 31, 2023


Improved Web Vitals, Official Chrome Extension Support, OIDC Provider beta, Cross-Origin Embedder Policy Support

Improved Web Vitals

This week we rolled out major changes to how Clerk's Javascript bundle is split and downloaded. Chances are you didn't notice anything, but your production application should be seeing ~10 points higher performance on than last week.

Official Chrome Extension Support

Use Clerk and React to building a Chrome extension. We've launched @clerk/chrome-extension on NPM, and a starter repository on GitHub to help kick off your next extension project.

OIDC Provider (beta)

With Clerk, your application can now serve as an Open ID Connect (OIDC) provider. Please reach out through Discord if you'd like to join the beta.

OIDC is a subset of OAuth2. In the future, Clerk will also enable your application to serve as a OAuth2 provider, including supporting grant flows with custom scopes.

Cross-Origin Embedder Policy Support for Profile Images

Clerk profile images are now served with the Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * header to enable embeds in applications with cross-origin embedder policies.