Changelog April 21, 2023


A new change password flow, bulk invites for organizations, hosted pages in the dashboard!

Change password flow

We introduced a new Change password flow this week, that allows the user to change their password and log out all sessions via our user profile component.

Bulk Organization invitations

You can now bulk invite users to an organization via Clerk's API allowing you to invite a whole team quickly.

You can specify a different role for each invited organization member. New organization invitations get a "pending" status until they are revoked by an organization administrator or accepted by the invitee.

The request body supports passing an optional redirect_url parameter for each invitation. When the invited user clicks the link to accept the invitation, they will be redirected to the provided URL.

Use this parameter to implement a custom invitation acceptance flow. You must specify the ID of the user that will send the invitation with the inviter_user_id parameter.

Each invitation can have a different inviter user. Inviter users must be members with administrator privileges in the organization. Only "admin" members can create organization invitations.

Below is a simplified version

curl -XPOST -H "Content-type: application/json" -d '[
    "email_address": "string",
    "inviter_user_id": "string",
    "role": "admin",
    "public_metadata": {},
    "private_metadata": {},
    "redirect_url": "string"
]' '{organization_id}/invitations/bulk'

Check out our backend API reference for more details:

Hosted Pages

We have added a dedicated section for our hosted pages in the Clerk dashboard. You can find them under customization, this will give you links to preview hosted pages as well as a way to customize some of the look and feel.

Community shoutouts

This week I'd like to highlight a few community creators who created some informative videos on using Clerk!

First up we have Hamed Bahram who created a video on protecting your e-commerce website using Clerk, this 30 minute tutorial shows the power of Clerk from client to server.

Secondly Elias Wambugu who's channel is know as The Source Code gives you a introduction into Clerk with React in just 10 minutes!