Changelog May 26, 2023


This week, we launched a major upgrade to avatars, enabled domain updates in the dashboard, improved backend sorting capabilities, password features, and more.

Clerk Avatars


Clerk improved the default avatars for users who haven't uploaded a profile image by adding customization options. These unique avatars are designed to add an extra level of polish to your application and can be fully customized to align with your brand.


Avatars can easily be customized via the dashboard under Customization > Avatars. In there, you can adjust the following settings:

  • Background: Select from an array of color options and effects. You can retain the default marble effect, which accommodates up to five colors, or opt for a solid background.
  • Foreground: Choose from a diverse range of colors and styles. Your options encompass initials, silhouette, or none at all.

An Eye-Catching Shimmer

To add a unique touch, we've implemented a subtle shimmer animation on our internal avatar component. This is available on the <UserButton /> component and you can enable the shimmer effect using the appearance prop:

    layout: {
      shimmer: true,

Learn more in this blog post →

Other Fixes & Improvements

  • Change domains and subdomains for production instances via the Dashboard. (Link to Docs)
  • Added sorting capabilities Clerk Backend API organization membership and user list endpoints. (Org Membership, User)
  • Implemented allowedOrigins prop to mitigate the risk of open redirect vulnerabilities.
  • Added new I18n translations for Clerk JS, including Japanese [PR] and Hebrew [PR], thanks to community contributions.
  • Introduced a feature to delete satellite domains in the multi-domain configuration. (Link to Docs)
  • Enhanced password reset flow for strong password verification, adjustable complexity settings, and guidance cues. (Read More)

Upcoming Events

RenderATL – May 31st to June 2nd

Several team members are heading down to Atlanta to participate in RenderATL. If you are attending, we would love to meet you! Keep an eye out for our team who will be handing out warm cookies and invitations to community-driven side events.

CityJS – May 29th to May 31st

Our engineering team is heading to CityJS in Athens with swag. Be sure to tune in for a talk from our VP of Engineering, Sokratis Vidros, on how to add authentication to your Next.js app in just 7 minutes.

Community Shoutouts

  • A big thank you to Raz Levi and Daichi Ninomiya for their pull request adding localization support for Hebrew and Japanese
  • Another big thanks to Tom Milewski for reducing our SVG size by 80% in our ClerkJS package, allowing us to reduce our bundle size even more.
  • A thanks to DevelopedByEd for featuring us in his “My Ultimate tech stack 2023” video, check it out on YouTube.


Stay tuned for future updates. If you have feedback or suggestions, leave us feedback on the docs (thank you Docsly), tweet us at @ClerkDev, or join the Clerk Community on Discord.