Changelog July 21, 2023


This week we shipped support for JWT shortcode interpolation, filtering and sorting for users, orgs & members, and a new UK +44 number for SMS OTP verification.

🧵 JWT Shortcode String Interpolation

We're excited to announce that JWT Templates now support shortcode string interpolation! You can now interpolate shortcodes directly inside strings in your JWT claims, like this:

{ "full_name": "{{user.last_name}} {{user.first_name}}" }

Shortcode interpolation unlocks many new use cases by enabling developers to dynamically inject user data into JWTs. To learn more about this new capability, check out the JWT Templates docs.

🔍 Filtering and Sorting for Users, Organizations & Members

Introducing enhancements to Clerk’s user management features; in addition to the ability to search for users, the dashboard now supports sorting across all tables!

For the Users table, you can sort based on user identification information or when a user was created or last signed in. For the Organizations table, you can sort based on member count to see your largest organizations. You can also now distinguish between admins and members in the Organizations table with the new filtering option.

Note: These capabilities are also available directly via our Backend API.

🇬🇧 SMS OTP Now Uses UK Numbers for UK Users

SMS OTP delivery now uses a UK (+44) phone number to send verification messages to UK phone numbers. This fixes issues with international messages sometimes being blocked.

✨ Other Fixes & Improvements

  • Clerk now supports Remix V2 – check out the updated quickstart guide for more details.
  • We released updated support for Expo 49, and updated the starter project on GitHub to use Expo 49 and the latest Clerk SDK.
  • A new auth decoder was implemented in the v5.3.2 release for @redwoodjs/auth-clerk-api to improve efficiency and reduce API rate limit issues.
  • Completed UI fixes in the <OrganizationSwitcher/> component to properly align the organizations list and hide unnecessary icons and logos. (PR #1416 & PR #1462)
  • When members create a new organization through the <CreateOrganization/> flow, for single-membership orgs we will automatically skip the invite members screen. (PR #1501, PR #1471)
  • For customers using TikTok as a social connection, Clerk now supports TikTok's newly announced OAuth V2 endpoints by default. Support for V1 OAuth will be deprecated on September 12, 2023. If you have an existing application using V1 OAuth, we have already reached out to you with next steps. Read the TikTok Announcement

📅 Events

We're excited to announce that Clerk is sponsoring React Rally in Salt Lake City on August 17th and 18th. If you're planning on attending, let us know – we'd love to meet you! We'll have cookies, swag, and a surprise or two. And if you're not sure, there's still time 😉

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📚 Resources

🙌 Community Shoutouts

  • Thank you to Anthony Campolo and Scott Steinlage for hosting Dev Agrawal, Jeff Escalante, and Colin Sidoti on the Javascript Jam podcast to discuss why you shouldn't roll your own authentication. Listen to episode 54 on
  • Shoutout to the Magnet team on launching their new web version! We're excited to see Clerk being used for authentication in their AI coding assistant tool. Congrats on shipping and we look forward to seeing where you take Magnet next!
  • Congratulations to the Everfund team on launching this week on Product Hunt! Everfund makes it easy for nonprofits to integrate donation experiences using a composable SDK and modern web components. They are shaping the future of nonprofit donations without requiring building from scratch.