Changelog August 18, 2023


This week we shipped a feature to block sign ups using email subaddressing, new email templates for magic links, and support for repo based config with Remix!

🚫 Block Email Subaddresses

To prevent users from creating multiple accounts, Clerk now offers the ability to block sign-ups that attempt to use email subaddressing aliases. By enabling this new setting, users will be prohibited from signing up with emails that append tags after the base username.

This helps prevent emails like and from being treated as unique addresses, closing an easy workaround for creating multiple accounts and improving integrity across user sign-ups.

The feature can be configured under SettingsUser & AuthenticationRestrictions in the Clerk Dashboard.

✨ Other Fixes & Improvements

  • Introduced three distinct email templates for Sign In, Sign Up, and Email Verification when sending Magic Links
  • Implemented support for repo-based config with Remix
  • Added support for phpass password hashing when using the CreateUser endpoint

📅 Events

The Clerk team was excited to attend React Rally this week, and it did not disappoint! We had a Waffle Truck, a 5ft Clerk Jenga, Mario Kart, and, of course, a whole bunch of SWAG 🎁

We hope that you were able to attend and connect with us, as it was not an event to be missed; if not, we can’t wait to see you next year!

📚 Resources

🙌 Community Shoutouts

  • We’re thrilled to sponsor Next.js Boilerplate, a comprehensive starter kit that comes pre-configured with Clerk for authentication, and features such as type checking, linter, code formatting, unit testing, E2E testing, Storybook, Bundler Analyzer, Sitemap, Tailwind CSS, and much more.
  • Congratulations to the team at Investor Radar on their recent launch. Investor Radar is a platform for startups or individuals to get connected with the investor of their dreams, and uses Clerk for authentication.
  • Shoutout to Robert Soriano for seamlessly integrating Clerk with Vue! His work showcases the power of Clerk's authentication and user management in Vue. Check out the integration at
  • A big thank you to Darren Baldwin for open sourcing clerk-rs, an unofficial Rust SDK for Clerk. The SDK just crossed 1.2k+ downloads on Thank you for contributing to the Clerk community!

Stay tuned for future updates. If you have feedback or suggestions, leave us feedback on the docs via Docsly, tweet us at @ClerkDev, or join the Clerk Community on Discord.