Satellite Domains, Verified Organization Domains, and More


This week, we shipped the ability to add satellite domains to your app and upgraded our org's product with auto-invite & auto-suggestions for admins.

Satellite domains illustration

Satellite Domains

Introducing multi-domain support via the Clerk dashboard. Now you can configure multiple domains under your application – users will only have to sign in once but can access all your properties!

The new Domains page will display information about your instance’s development and production domains; you can even add satellite domains for your instance from the dashboard.

Verified organization domains illustration

Verified Organization Domains

To ensure your users have email addresses that come from your company’s domain, Organization admins can now set an email domain requirement within the Organization.

To set the domain, admins can visit the Organization Settings page in the Dashboard and can also choose between two enrollment modes:

  • Automatic Invitation: Users with a matching email domain receive an invitation to join the organization during sign-up.
  • Automatic Suggestion: Users with a matching email domain receive a suggestion to request to join the Organization. Admins must accept the request before the user is added to the organization.

To support these changes, we have updated the <OrganizationSwitcher /> component to list invitations and suggestions, allowing users to accept them within the app. The <OrganizationProfile /> component has also been updated to enable admins to add and verify domains, and handle organization requests.

Other Fixes & Improvements

  • Improved Organization Invitations: If there are pending organization invitations with a matching email address, they will be associated with the new user. Users can accept these invitations within the app using the <OrganizationSwitcher /> component, instead of relying solely on the email link.
  • Hard limit of 500 Users on Dev Instances: To prevent accidental production use, we've implemented a hard limit of 500 users on dev instances. This ensures clear separation between development and production environments.