Improved Account Portal, Expo Key Swapping, and More


This week, we shipped an improved account portal, added support for swapping keys in Expo, and shipped several quality-of-life enhancements across the stack.

Account Portals Illustration

Improved Account Portal

Previously known as “Hosted Pages”, the Account Portal gives you an upgraded section in the Clerk Dashboard for much easier configuration for all of your application’s key screens. The Account Portal is also the fastest way to add authentication and user management to your application. We provide fully managed and hosted Sign-in, Sign-up, and User Profile views that live on your domain, so you don’t have to build it all yourself.

Head to the docs to learn about more about the Account Portal and how simple it is to get started.

Other Fixes & Improvements

  • Added support in Clerk Expo for swapping your keys without needing a new build
  • Improved clock skew detection in development
  • Enhanced path ignoring in @clerk/clerk-react to make it more reliable
  • Improved Next.js middleware static file detection
  • Created new OG images for our Docs pages and Blog Posts