New changelog + much more


Interested in checking out something new from the Clerk team? Well you're looking at it; our fancy new dedicated Changelog

Up until now, we've been using our blog to share regular updates about the latest Clerk feature releases, but that ends today. Going forward we'll use the all-new Clerk changelog to keep you up-to-date with our latest releases. Come for the feature updates, stay for the scrolling comet tail in the sidebar.

Proxying Clerk's Frontend API

Do you dream about setting up a domain within Clerk but you're unable to use CNAMEs or want more control over your integration (Weird dream buddy BUT we're not judging)? We're here to make those dreams a reality with our new proxying capability for our Frontend API. Configure your proxy of choice (like NGINX) to directly talk to our Frontend API and that's it.

This is a particularly useful feature for folks using our multi-domain functionality, as you now don't need to set up DNS records for each of your satellite domains. Head to the docs to learn about more using a proxy in your project - and don't continue to let your dreams be dreams. Clerk believes in you.

Coalescing in your JWT Templates

This next one is likely a crowd pleaser... You're now able to have fallback conditions right inside of your JWT Templates. This reduces the amount of code you have to maintain inside your apps, while also making your templates simpler and more concise. Along with interpolation that was released a few months ago, this was one of the most commonly requested features in JWT Templates.

// an example template
  "greeting": "{{ user.full_name || 'Awesome user' }}",
  "verified": "{{ user.has_verified_phone || user.has_verified_email }}",
  "level": "{{ user.public_metadata.level || 9999 }}"

// the output from the example template
  "greeting": "Awesome user",
  "verified": true,
  "level": 9999

Use the || to set default values right inside the JWT template. Have a read through our JWT Template docs to learn more.

Some scheduled maintenance

Our primary database is scheduled for routine maintenance on Tuesday, 23/10/23, at 06:00 AM UTC. The maintenance is expected to last 60 seconds or less. Follow along at

Other Fixes & improvements

  • We've upgraded our TLS certificates for the Frontend API and Accounts domains to version 1.2