Fetch users by latest activity


Get a better understanding of your user's activity by using our updated Backend API endpoints which are now filterable by activity

Filter Users by their latest activity

Use the new last_active_at_since parameter to filter users according to their latest activity date.

For example, if you were interested to know which users were active between 2023-11-23 and the current day, you could construct a query like this:

GET /v1/users?last_active_at_since=1700690400000

Note that session activity is registered continuously throughout the day so a query using a condition with the current day is perfectly valid.

You can also use last_active_at as an ordering parameter to sort users by how recently they were active:

GET /v1/users?order_by=last_active_at

Retrieve a single user's latest activity data

You will also now get last_active_at in your response when retrieving user details with the GET /users/{user_id} endpoint.