Notice: SAML exiting Beta on Apr 01, 2024


As of Apr 1, 2024, SAML Enterprise Connections will be exiting Beta and become Generally Available

For customers who have had to live with that little Beta tag in the Dashboard for too long, we're getting ready to make an exciting announcement. On April 1st, Clerk's SAML offering will be leaving Beta and will be entering GA (General Availabilty).

To make sure we give customers a heads up before making this change, we're posting this initial notice 5 weeks ahead of time, in addition to emailing all customers with active SAML connections.

Below is an FAQ meant to answer some of your questions that may arise, but please reach out to if you have any specific questions...


How come SAML Enterprise Connections are exiting Beta?

We've been working hard with a collection of early customers to ensure that our SAML functionality is professional grade. By hardening our solution slowly over time alongside customers, we finally feel our SAML feature is ready to offer as a paid Clerk offering.

My app uses SAML Enterprise Connections. When it goes GA, do I need to do anything for it to still work?

No. Your application will continue to work as it has previously. However we've recently added some new SAML-related functionality, such as IdP initiated flows that you may want to take a peek at.

How will this affect my monthly costs?

During the beta period, we did not charge for SAML connections.

Starting April 1st, 2024 customers with active SAML Connections on their Production Clerk apps will be charged $50 per month / per connection. You will not be charged for connections in your Clerk Development environment.

To view your existing SAML connections, head to Enterprise Connections in the Clerk Dashboard.

Please contact if you're interested in discussing bulk discounts or have other pricing related questions.