Clerk Go SDK v2 (Beta)


A beta release of our Golang SDK featuring improved API architecture and package structure

Want to know an interesting fact? Clerk's backends are written in Golang and the backend that powers our Dashboard experience is a heavy consumer of our open-source Clerk Go SDK.

By dogfooding our own SDKs day-to-day, we're able to more readily identify the places where they fall short or don't keep pace with our core product.

Today, we're proud to release the beta version of Clerk Go SDK v2 that we feel is not only more feature complete and better structured - but offers a better overall developer experience for building your apps (and ours too 😉).

We're going to take a bit more time in beta before the proper release but we wanted to share it with you now. We'd love for you to try the beta and share your feedback.

You can also read more about in more detail below: