Passkeys in Beta


Passkeys are a simple-to-use and secure passwordless way to authenticate your users. Now available for your applications in Beta.

Forget remembering passwords! Based on the WebAuthn specification, passkeys are a new method to log in securely using your fingerprint, face scan, PIN, or pattern. This passwordless flow results in a more secure and easy-to-use sign-in flow for your users.

If you want to know more about passkeys in general, head to our blog and read our article: What are passkeys and how do they work?

Today we're thrilled to announce that passkeys are now in beta for all applications within Clerk.

Using passkeys with Clerk

Please take note that at the moment, enabling passkeys is only available for applications that are using "Core 2" version of the SDK which, for example, if you're using @clerk/next-js the package version should be >= 5.0.x.

During the beta, we recommend using the latest release of our SDKs to test out passkeys.

If you're using our <SignIn /> UI Component, you can enable passkeys for your users by activating Passkeys as an Authentication strategy in the Clerk Dashboard.

The easiest way to allow your users to create and manage their passkeys is to use the prebuilt <UserProfile /> component, which includes passkey management in the Security tab.

Beyond the all-in-one components, we provide handy helpers like createPasskey() and authenticateWithPasskey() for building your own flows. Learn more about rebuilding passkey authentication from scratch in our Custom Flows doc.

More about the Beta

While in Beta, enabling passkeys is free for all applications to use. We'd love for you to give it a try, and we'll be collecting all of your feedback along the way. If you have any feedback, please reach out at