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The state of the verification process of a sign-in or sign-up attempt.

attemptsnumber | nullThe number of attempts related to the verification.
errorClerkAPIError | nullThe last error the verification attempt ran into.
expireAtDate | nullThe time the verification will expire at.
externalVerificationRedirectURLURL | nullThe redirect URL for an external verification.
noncestring | nullThe nonce(opens in a new tab) pertaining to the verification.
status'unverified' | 'verified' | 'transferable' | 'failed' | 'expired' | nullThe state of the verification.
strategystring | nullThe strategy pertaining to the parent sign-up or sign-in attempt.



function verifiedFromTheSameClient(): boolean;

A check to see if the verification was verified from the same client as the parent Sign In or Sign Up attempt. IE: The same browser session.

Last updated on October 5, 2023

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