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The Client object keeps track of the authenticated sessions in the current device. The device can be a browser, a native application or any other medium that is usually the requesting part in a request/response architecture.

The Client object also holds information about any sign in or sign up attempts that might be in progress, tracking the sign in or sign up progress.


signInSignIn | nullThe current sign in attempt, or null if there is none.
signUpSignUp | nullThe current sign up attempt, or null if there is none.
sessionsSession[]A list of sessions that have been created on this client.
activeSessionsSession[]A list of active sessions on this client.
lastActiveSessionIdstringUnique identifier of the last active Session on this client.
updatedAtDateTimestamp of last update for the client.



Returns true if this client hasn't been saved (created) yet in the Frontend API. Returns false otherwise.

function isNew(): boolean;


Creates a new client for the current instance along with its cookie.

function create(): Promise<Client>;


Deletes the client. All sessions will be reset.

function destroy(): Promise<void>;

Last updated on April 19, 2024

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