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The Client object keeps track of the authenticated sessions in the current device. The device can be a browser, a native application or any other medium that is usually the requesting part in a request/response architecture.

The Client object also holds information about any sign in or sign up attempts that might be in progress, tracking the sign in or sign up progress.


signInSignIn | nullThe current sign in attempt, or null if there is none.
signUpSignUp | nullThe current sign up attempt, or null if there is none.
sessionsSession[]A list of sessions that have been created on this client.
activeSessionsSession[]A list of active sessions on this client.
lastActiveSessionIdstringUnique identifier of the last active Session on this client.
updatedAtDateTimestamp of last update for the client.



function isNew(): boolean;

Returns true if this client hasn't been saved (created) yet in the Frontend API. Returns false otherwise.


function create(): Promise<Client>;

Creates a new client for the current instance along with its cookie.


function destroy(): Promise<void>;

Deletes the client. All sessions will be reset.

Last updated on January 9, 2024

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