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Set up your Clerk account

You will learn how to

  • Create a Clerk account
  • Create a new Clerk project

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Migrating from another platform?

You might want to check out one of our migration guides to help you move your data to Clerk.

Sign into Clerk

Create a Clerk account(opens in a new tab) or sign into your Clerk dasbhoard(opens in a new tab).

Create a Clerk application

If you've just created an account for the first time, you'll be taken directly to our interactive authentication setup form.

An interactive builder to make your "" component truly yours, which lets you select your auth providers.

Otherwise, you'll be redirected to your Clerk dashboard(opens in a new tab).

To create a new app, press the Add application card to be taken to the interactive authentication setup form.

An "Add application" card on your dashboard

Select auth providers

Clerk provides over 20 authentication providers that you can use in your Clerk apps. Select the ones that matter to your users and press Create application.

Once the application is created in the Clerk dashboard, you will be redirected to the API Keys(opens in a new tab) page, which will show you your application's API keys.

A list of supported frameworks with instructions on how to add API keys underneath.

Create a new codebase

The API keys listed in the Clerk dashboard are just the first step to integrating Clerk into your apps. To get the most out of Clerk, check out our "Quickstart" guides:

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Easily add secure, beautiful, and fast authentication to Next.js with Clerk.

Get Started

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Get started installing and initializing Clerk in a new React application.

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JavaScript logo


Add authentication and user management to your JavaScript application.

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Easily add secure, edge- and SSR-friendly authentication to Remix with Clerk.

Get Started

Gatsby logo


Integrate user management and authentication into your Gatsby application.

Get Started

RedwoodJS logo


Grow your RedwoodJS application with Clerk user management and authentication.

Get Started

Expo / React Native logo

Expo / React Native

Use Clerk with Expo to authenticate users in your React Native application.

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Fastify logo


Learn about installing and initializing Clerk in a new Fastify application.

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Last updated on March 8, 2024

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